The TriCoil 1.2
The TriCoil 1.2
The TriCoil 1.2

The TriCoil 1.2

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If you are looking to up your chilling game, the Tri-Coil 1.2 has the chilling power that you need, and because it can be visually inspected for cleanliness, the peace of mind that you deserve. In addition, you won't need a food grade pump, hoses, or fittings to get the listed chilling time, just stir the wort or agitate the chiller and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in accessories and a lot of time during cleanup. Legally and ethically manufactured in the U.S.A. under full protection and production rights of the multi-feed wort chiller patent #USD777507S1. 


The Tri-coil 1.2 offers four improvements over the competition: 1) It has a tighter radius for the input/out put lines that allows for more placement option in most kettles 2) The support wires are fastened in a way that gives you more room to stir on the inside of the chilling coils. 3) A five year warranty on every solder joint. 4) Free shipping (excludes AK, HI, and international orders. Email us for a quote.).

Tri-coil 1.2 specs

Chill time for 5 gallon batch: 3 minutes (to 10F above your tap water temp)

Recommended tap water flow rate: 6GPM (garden hose spigot)

Clearance needed for chilling coils: 11.5"

Height of chilling coils: 7.5"

Maximum height of kettle wall: 20" or 25"

Chilling coils: Three 25' 3/8" coils, fed water in parallel

Recommended hose: 5/8" I.D.x10' long (not included)

Connection type: 3/4" female garden hose thread fitting on input, 3/4" male garden hose thread on output.