Triple coil stage two DIY kit

Triple coil stage two DIY kit

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Homebrewing has always had a strong DIY spirit, and CuS.S. would like to help further that by offering our very own DIY chiller kits. By offering parts kits that include hard to make or acquire fittings, we are hoping to help make the DIY process more about making the chiller, not spending time trying to track down the fittings and pieces needed. The kit includes the following items:

(2) triple 3/8" to single 5/8" collector fitting

(2) 5/8" O.D. hard pipe bent to 105 degrees

(2) 5/8" O.D. to 1/2" MIP fitting

(1) 1/2" FIP to 3/4" male brass garden hose fitting

(1) 1/2" FIP ro 3/4" female brass garden hose fitting

(3) 25' x 3/8" O.D copper tubing*

(12) coil support wires

(1) 2 3/4" S.S. hose clamp 

You will need the following to complete your stage two DIY kit:

1) Know how to solder, or know someone who does (and have a 6 pack of beer ready for them)

2) Sand paper or a wire brush to clean ALL the solder connections

3) Flux, solder, and a torch

4) Teflon tape or pipe sealing compound for the threaded MIP/FIP connections


As with all CuS.S. products, shipping is included in the price (excludes AK, HI, and international. Email us for a quote).


Please note: There are no instructions with this kit.

*+/- 4" We do our best to get the 50' coils cut in the center, but there can be some variance.